Inground Pool Installations

Inground pool installation questions and answers

What kind of pools do you install?

We install the Legacy Edition Steel wall pool with the vinyl interior liner.

How much do they cost?

There are a lot of factors involved in the pricing of the pools. We have different shapes and many sizes for each shape. We can also design custom shape pools.

Why are your pools better than another company?

There are different types of in ground pools to choose from- steel wall with liner, concrete wall with liner, guinite or fiberglass inserts. We feel that the type of pool we install being the steel wall is the best because they are built to last. Steel is more giving in the winter months than concrete, which tends to crack.

What makes the steel wall inground pool you install different than another steel wall company’s product?

There are structural differences between different manufacturers. The Legacy pool is constructed using the highest quality, zinc-coated, galvanized steel available. The wall of your Legacy pool contains 200% more zinc per square foot than commercial grades – providing an impenetrable barrier against corrosion. The true uniqueness of a Legacy Edition Pool lies in the triple bend design of our steel panels.


The average steel pool offers only double bend panels. Legacy’s triple bend design provides 33% more strength than its double bend counterparts. The top and bottom flanges of Legacy’s steel panels measure over a half a foot (7” in total) in length. Couple that with Legacy’s distinctive bolt inter-loc system that further strengthens the side flanges of our steel panels. Also for extra support, the 8’ panel features full flange dual stiffeners made with the triple bends. The Legacy has the 2”x2” x 1/8” thick adjustable A-Frame bracing. The pool is backed with a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY with a one-time transferable provision.

Our steel panels are built to withstand extreme conditions, and fortified with our pioneering Imperial Armor Guard, an additional coat of protection designed to prevent corrosion and extend the life of your panels…guaranteed with a limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

Is there a choice on the interior finish look on the liner?

There are several interior patterns to choose from. With the purchase of your new Legacy in ground pool we give you the Exclusive 5+20 warranty offers 20 years of prorated coverage with an unprecedented first 5 year full. Using only the finest virgin vinyl materials, handcrafted quality workmanship and computer drafting precision, the standard Legacy Edition tile sidewalls are 40% thicker than the industry standard and create exceptional beauty that stands the test of time.

Is there something I should do to make my liner last longer?

No matter what type of pool you choose to have it is always important to keep the water balance to maintain the long life of your pool and equipment.

Why should we hire you to install our new in ground pool?

At Lavoie Pools we believe in providing each of our customers with high-quality craftsmanship, unique design ideas, and affordable swimming pool solutions. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is the secret to our success. Most of our clients are return or referral customers who have worked with us, or seen our work in the past. Your inground pool installation is done by our own experienced crew which digs our own hole as we are assembling the pool walls. We install your new inground pool with the Paramount Vanquish self-cleaning in-floor system and energy efficient filter system. The Vanquish system meets all standards and codes which provides the safety for your family. We also shape the bottom and slopes with a vermiculite base not just stone dust or a concrete bottom that could crack. You can choose to make your pool fully automotive with a 4 or 8 function controller which also can have a salt generator to make the chlorine the pool needs which can be one of the options.

Can we also purchase the pool without the in-floor cleaning system?

Yes, if you choose not to have the in-floor vanquish cleaning system installed, we will still offer the same pool with the same qualities as we did over 15 years ago before we starting doing them with the system.

I already have an in ground pool, do you do liner replacements?

Yes we do, you also will have the choice of several interior patterns to choose from. The replacement liners come with a 20 year warranty. We do offer a 5yr. extendable liner warranty for only $99.95 which provides up to $1500.00 value towards labor, water and chemicals for the 1st 5 seasons on defects and seams. Look at our photo gallery for before and after pictures.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install my in-ground pool? 

It usually takes approximately a week in half to be ready for your landscaping to be done.

Am I only limited to the shapes that are on your website? 

No, These are just the standard shapes and sizes but custom pools designs can be made.

I’ve been told that my neighbor waited 2 months with a hole in his backyard before the pool company showed up to install his pool.  Will that happen with you? 

NO, because we dig our own hole as the walls are being assembled and we do our own plumbing from the pool to the filter system. Our crew will get your pool ready for the electrical , the decking to be done along with your landscaping.

I’m confused, every company I speak to say they have the best pool, why is yours the best?

Some of the reasons are: The Legacy pool is made of steel that can withstand the harsh New England weather, zinc coated on both sides, have the triple bend panels and offer the Paramount Vanquish unique self-cleaning system.

How many hours should I run my pump?  

The pumps are designed to run for a 24-hour period.  However, if you do not want to run it that long we suggest you run it for at least 12 hours continuously. There are more options now to save on energy. You can now get a programmable variable speed pump that would cost less than ¼ of what would have been spent running the old single speed pump. The cost savings continue to multiply the longer the new pump is used.

How often should I backwash my filter or clean my cartridges?  

You filter will have a gauge on the top.  When the pressure builds approximately 8-10lb. higher it is an indication that the filter is dirty.  You can usually tell by looking at your returns to see if the flow is restricted.

How often should I test my pool and how?   

At least 2-3 times a week.  You want to take a clean cup or small container, hold it upside down and bring it into the water about 1 arms length. Turn the cup upright to fill with water from that section, away from any returns. Use this water to do you test. Follow the directions on the back of the testing equipment you have. We also offer the service of testing you water in the store.  Bring in a fresh water sample to the store in a clean plastic covered container for us to test for you. Do not use a glass container with a metal top. Make sure it is fresh and not sitting in the car all day or we will not be able to test it.

I must be allergic to chlorine because it irritates my eyes and skin. 

There are a small percentage of people who are actually allergic to chlorine.  The majority of the time your eyes and skin get irritated is due from the Ph/Alkalinity being out of range or contaminants in the pool that requires the water to be shocked. For more on the water chemistry come in to our retail store and one of us will be happy to assist you. We also offer free of charge a yearly chemical class so you can better understand why it’s important to maintain the water chemistry in the pool.

When I swim I get eye burn and the pool has a “chlorine” odor, have I added too much chlorine?      

NO! This indicates a need for more chlorine ( shock treatment)… NOT LESS! Free chlorine is odorless. Come into the store and speak to one of our qualify water specialist.

I use 3” chlorine tablets in my pool. Is there a difference in them or the shock I use?

We carry the Clearview line of chemicals and are the only company locally to offer the Scentrific low odor 3″ tablet which is a true 8oz. tablet. Not all 3” tablets are a 8 oz. tab. The scent-trific tables are pleasant smell * low odor chlorine* Purest chlorine which means NO gummy mess. Being the purest it doesn’t have a lot of inert to form the tablet. Make sure these tablets are not thrown in the pool, some people have automatic chlorinator that you fill, others use floaters or put in the skimmer basket. Just keep in mind if you put them in the skimmer basket the chlorine will still dissolve even when the pool is not running. We also carry the Sustain 3 part chlorine system.

The shock we carry comes in both a 68% insta-chlor shock and a shim’n shock diclor 4 in 1 which does not need to be pre dissolved like the insta chlor. It can be broadcast around the pool and swimmers can usually go in approximately ½ – 1 hour later.

We also carry the liquid chlorine, not to be confused with household bleach. The liquid chlorine is a much higher form of chlorine than bleach.

We offer free computerize water analysis to our customers.

I have a salt generator on my pool, why do I still need to shock my pool?

The salt generator will use the salt in your pool to maintain a daily sanitation. Every week or two you should also shock your pool with a chlorine shock to help kill other contaminants like large bather load, what the rain brings in, tanning lotions etc. The generator will not bring the chlorine value up to 10ppm which is what you need to shock a pool.

DON’T FORGET TO SIGN UP FOR OUR YEARLY WATER CHEMISTRY CLASS THAT IS FREE. We usually hold this one evening in July. Check at the store for the posting on the date and time.

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